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JDE Orchestrator/Notification Schedule Management

JD Edwards has come out with a number of great enhancements over the last few years.  The AIS Server, orchstration, notifications.  All wonderful and have a lot of potential.

Included is a nice little scheduler for these notifications and orchestrations to run. However, they have not come out (yet) with a way to manage the scheduler process.   So, we present to you - Manage JDE AIS Scheduler.   

With this, you can start and stop the scheduler, as well as specfic notifictions and list what is active.  

To execute the basic help, use:

java -jar ManageJDEAISScheduler.jar -c=help 

There is also a configuration file that comes standard that can allow you to save off the role, user, password, environment and AIS Server:  This is enable by the -f=true option.  If you want your own file, use -f=true and -l=filename to include your own. 

This is free for all who want it.  This comes as-is with no warranty, in English,  and does contain an opensource parameter parser.  It also contains the Oracle (c) AIS Client in the jar.  It will not write anything to your system.   Let us know what you think!

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